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nature resort in wayanad heritage tour
Relish a slice of history.
Wayanad is a district that is steeped in hoary history.  The Edakkal caves is replete with etchings from a prehistoric civilization belonging to the Neolithic era, and have drawn the serious attention of archeologists and historians worldwide.
Revisit the life of Pazhassi Raja.

Listen to regaling stories about Pazhassi Raja, the lion king of Malabar who fought a relentless war against British rule. A cave within the resort was allegedly used by him during his sojourn in the jungles.

eco resort tribal tour
Live in a land of legends and fables.
Delve into Indian mythology and learn about the thousand-armed King Banasura who won Lord Shiva's favor by playing the ‘mridanga’ with his thousand hands as he performed his famous ‘Tandav’ dance. The Banasura Hill that forms a backdrop to the resort is named after him. The link on the below depicts the full story of the Legend of Banasura. We hope you enjoy reading this folklore!
Connect with the Kurichiya tribes.

These hardy tribesmen who hunted with bows and arrows staunchly supported Pazhassi
Raja in his guerilla war against the British. There is a Kurichiya settlement very close to the resort
where arrangements can be made for Guests to visit.

A 50 km drive from Banasura.
The Edakkal Caves, a two hour drive from Banasura Hill Resort, is your ideal hub for exploring the history of Wayanad. 
banasura hill resort family vacations kerala
Why Banasura Hill Resort?At an altitude of 3200 feet in the mist-clad hills of Wayanad, Banasura is an ideal retreat for the traveler who looks for a more enriching experience than a mere vacation.
wayanad destinations nature
wayanad destinations nature
wayanad destinations nature
wayanad destinations nature waterfall
Set on a sprawling 35 acre farm in the middle of a lush tropical forest, with exotic flora and fauna, gushing mountain streams and magnificent waterfalls, Banasura is a nature resort beyond compare.
wayanad tourism destinations banasura hill resort
A resort like no other.
Rustic yet refined, Banasura offers you an aura of luxury and comfort in a resort that is small enough to be intimate and homely, but spacious and expansive enough to let you feel absolutely unconfined. 
Banasura: A seamless blend of the past and the present.

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