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nature resorts wayanad kerala unesco destinationsnature resorts wayanad kerala unesco destinations
Get close to the wonders of nature.
Experience the thrill of living in a resort that's located right in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Destination.
Amble along rugged pathways.
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  •  Nature Resorts in Wayanad Kerala TeaGarden 2
  • family holidays kerala TeaGarden 3
Wander through the verdant tea gardens within the resort property,
listening to the vivacious chatter of a million crickets.
Set out on a journey of discovery.
Explore the myriad forms of life that thrive in the lush tropical forests around Banasura Hill resort.
nature resorts wayanad kerala discoverynature resorts wayanad kerala discovery
Stand in awe at the foot of the Banasura Falls.
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Right in our backyard, a ten minute trek from the resort will take you to this
overwhelmingly beautiful location that only few know about and even
fewer have seen.
nature resorts wayanad banasura hill nature resorts wayanad banasura hill
Go trekking up the Banasura Peak.
Banasura Hill, the second highest in Wayanad, looms majestically behind the resort. From its vantage point one can see miles and miles of wilderness stretching in an endless display of green grandeur.
Stroll down to the rippling stream.
  • wayanad eco resort Stream 1
  • wayanad nature resort Stream 2
  • wayanad honeymoon resort Stream 3
Listen to its garrulous gurgle as it meanders merrily
through the resort beneath a canopy of lush green foliage.
Scramble atop the elephant rock.
Be a child once again and play the mahout riding a mammoth pachyderm. Rocky outcrops within the sprawling resort offer excellent opportunities for relaxation.
nature resorts wayanad elephant rock nature resorts wayanad elephant rock
wayanad tourism destinations nature waterfall
A paradise for nature lovers.At an altitude of 3200 feet in the mist-clad hills of Wayanad, Banasura is an ideal retreat for the traveler who looks for a more enriching experience than a mere vacation.
wayanad destinations nature
tourist places in wayanad
Set on a sprawling 35 acre farm in the middle of a lush tropical forest, with exotic flora and fauna, gushing mountain streams and magnificent waterfalls, Banasura is a nature resort beyond compare.
wayanad destinations kerala nature resorts
Banasura: Among the best nature resorts in Wayanad.

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