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Ever since we have been catering to our valued guests since 2010, Banasura Hill Resort has been committed to our guests and staff well-being.
A warm hello to all of you from Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad!

In preparation for the return of travel, BHR always keeps it member associates and the valued guests in top priority and goes beyond expectations to provide a safe homestead for our guests.

With protocols that conform to the well being and assured security of the guests and associates, that will help you plan and thereby committing your stay with us is always a satisfying, tension-free and enjoyable experience. A stay that is flexible and easy in terms and conditions, in the wake of the reinstatement of stay with us.

For us, the health and a safe environment of our guests and associates comes first. Need to ask us anything? Feel free to email us at ask@banasura.com or give us a call at +91-9539701353/52

During your stay we make sure that, at all times, you feel safe and is at ease. Monitoring the global development related to Covid 19, we have mobilized rigourous safety and cleanliness protocols all over our property, besides the regular quality standards that we have always maintained.

  1. All the commonly accessible areas and commonly used areas such as the kitchen, the laundry area, the restaurant are sanitised regularly, focussing on points that are vulnerable to high contacts.
  2. Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the rooms with virus related protocols. Hand sanitizers at all vantage points with mandatory temperature checks.
  3. On arrival, our guests are required to provide a comprehensive background on their travel history.
  4. All associates undergo daily temperature checks and are recipients of the mandatory training by the health officials on Covid-19 awareness and overall safety, knowledge and health.
  5. No Room Service / In Room Dining Not Provided
  6. Dining areas maintain strict social distancing protocols.

We appreciate the trust that you have with us and we look forward to welcome you with an open heart for a healthy and trouble free association.