Why an Earth Resort?

Earth Resort

Earth certainly is not amongst the most popular materials used in modern architecture. It is usually seen as a fragile material ill-suited for construction of large structures. But our research threw up countless examples of large earthen structures that have survived for centuries.

Earth has been a tried and tested natural building material for thousands of years. We adopted rammed earth architecture for constructing the main building. It is a renewable building material that is simply borrowed from the earth for the life of the building and can be recycled indefinitely as a building material or returned to the earth. The thermal mass of the earth used in construction can be used to store both warmth and coolness, thus balancing diurnal fluctuations in temperature throughout the year.

Banasura Hill Resort has been built using mud excavated from the very site that it stands on, and therefore the buildings blend harmoniously with the micro environment around the resort. The adoption of vernacular building styles has helped the entire complex to not only harmonize with the natural surroundings but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

What is most important is the ambience that the interiors of an earthen structure provide; the feeling of comfort and wellbeing that one gets to feel while inside; and the soundness of the sleep that you get to enjoy when you spend a night in an earthen room. These we believe is best appreciated when one experiences living in an earthen space.

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