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What's in a Name?

Many have asked us why we built a resort made of earth and then named it as Banasura Hill Resort.

Our inspiration came from the popular and picturesque Banasura Sagar Dam which is just about 15kms away from the resort.

It's the biggest earthen dam in India, and the second biggest in Asia.


It's not the name of the dam that inspired us as much as the fact that it was built using earth excavated from the neighborhood. This is what drove us to build the resort using earth as the building material.

And like the people who built the dam, we were as passionate about conserving and protecting the environment.


The resort also stands at the foot of the Banasura Hill at an elevation of about 3500 ft. above sea level and nestled in the wilderness of the surrounding forests.

Given the fact that both the dam with which it shared its architectural antecedents, and the mountain at the foot of which the resort is located shared the same name, when it came to naming the resort, Banasura became the obvious choice.

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