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Our Philosophy

Many have asked us the basic tenets on which the resort was conceived and built.


Unlike a business hotel, where you would expect to see well manicured lawns, paved pathways, or centrally air conditioned rooms, at Banasura most of these would be missing.


Our philosophy to leave the trees and plants to grow naturally stems from an ecological perspective which allows them a more diverse community. And we believe this diversity sets the foundation for a more sustainable ecosystem which will thrive long after we are gone.


Banasura is meant to be a quiet hideaway in the woods where Nature plays the host, a place where you can relax and unwind in peace and comfort away from the din of modern day living, and in harmony with Nature's bounty of tall rosewood and eucalyptus trees all around the resort enveloped in a vast expanse of tea estate. Banasura, as we say is for the discerning traveler who looks for a more enriching experience than a mere vacation.

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